Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Working from home

Woke up sick to my stomach this morning, so I spent a half day just sitting around waiting for the nausea to go away.  After a while it did, so I went out and shoveled.  About 4 inches of heavy wet snow and slush.  I did get some use out of the wife's ipod shuffle tho :)

Got some work done, and may have fixed a problem that has been bugging me for a while with some automatic notifications.  In the background I watched part of the Star Trek marathon HBO had going.  They were showing Movies 1 through 6 today.

After that, I had a simple dinner (Hormel chili in a can), and played some more on the computer, while watching more of Star Trek.  Tomorrow I have meetings all morning, but a free afternoon to get some 'work' done.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Snow, Rain, Snow, Ice...

Crazy weather.  It snowed early in the day, but then turned to freezing rain.  Roads could be slick in the morning, and we may not even see any snow here.  Lots of snow to the north, tho.

Crazy crazy.

Monday, February 27, 2012


Still tired, even after an early night last night.  Work was kind of boring.  Well, maybe not boring so much as 'not interesting'.

Stopped by Target after work for some groceries, just in case the storm gets bad.  Had some dinner (thanks to Target), watched some Diners Driveins and Dives episodes that recorded today, and played a couple different games on the computer.

Tomorrow, it might snow, it might rain, it might sleet.  They don't know.  Do weather guessers ever really know?  I'm taking my snowboots to work just in case, though!

Sunday, February 26, 2012


Spent 3 hours at work this morning, then watched some more of my DVD.  After a quick lunch, I played my game for a bit, then got some groceries for the first couple days this week, and did some laundry.

Watched Star Trek: The Next Generation on the Blu-ray sampler I bought a few weeks ago. The upgrade does look pretty nice. Also watched Iron Chef America, played some more, and called it a day.

Supposed to snow really heavily Tuesday/Wednesday, so I may stop by the store again after work tomorrow and stock up on groceries.  Then, I may end up working from home those days, rather than fighting the mess of the storm, and then I can shovel/snowblow during the day, rather than trying to do that in the dark.

Saturday, February 25, 2012


Went to Outback for lunch with my friend.  We chatted for about an hour and a half.  It was good to catch up - we last met up almost 5 months ago.  After that, I ran to the store to get some test strips for my glucose monitor.  50 strips for 65 bucks.  That's crazy.  I've been checking twice a day, but at that price, I might switch to once a day, to stretch my funds.

After that I went and saw Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, not in 3D tho - I didn't want to spend the extra money.  I liked it.  It wasn't a sequel, just another story.

I got my dvd for Going Cardboard today.  I've been waiting for this for a while.  Written, directed and produced by a good friend of mine :)  I'll watch it tomorrow, after I call in to work in the morning.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Nothing New

Sometimes you just get into a groove.  A few flurries today, but no real snow.  Work went ok, several meetings, but they weren't time wasters.

Timewasting happened at home.  Played on the computer most of the evening.  Had a small piece of salmon for dinner - don't usually get that because the wife doesn't care for it.   Tomorrow, I'm going to lunch with an old friend, and maybe I'll go to the movies after that.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

No Update

Woke up with a headache, stayed with me all day.  Went to bed early today.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


I think I'm getting a cold.  Sneezing, watery eyes, scratchy throat, no appetite.  Sometimes all the zinc in the world won't help.

Learned our current big project was cancelled at work.  Never fear, there's always another big project to work on.  The next one, I'm taking over because the lead is going to have a baby soon, and thus needs someone to cover.

Gamed for a little while tonight, surfed - not much energy sadly.  Maybe a dose of nyquil before bed.  If we have any.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Monday-like Tuesday

Thanks to Monday being a holiday, Tuesday didn't feel like Tuesday!  Although it was a long day, as I got up at 630 am to shovel the snow we had, so I didn't have to deal with packed down snow and ice when I got home.

Nothing too exciting about work.  Came home, fixed some dinner, read emails, played on the computer.  Tried Skype again, but this time she didn't have a good internet connection (she was at her niece's out in the boonies).  Maybe tomorrow.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Washington's Birthday

Celebrated by not going to work :)  Went to the grocery store, stocked up on some things for breakfasts (some bagels), some dinners, and some lunches for work.

Did some dishes, laundry, and 'normal' stuff.  Played on the computer for a while, tryed to Skype with the wife, but Skype was having fits with the microphone.  Maybe tomorrow.

It sttarted snowing too.  I'm going to have to get up early to shovel before I go to work, otherwise it'll all be packed down when I get home.

Sunday, February 19, 2012


Ran around town today.  Stopped by two comic book stores, got some more replacements, and a few new comics for my collection.  Stopped by Barnes and Noble, got a couple books and a few dvds.

Boxed up some of our 'read' books, and moved them to the basement.  We have plans to put up bookcases down there.  Eventually.

Moved some clothes around today, too.  Since she took 5 bins of clothes to her family, there's room in her office for clothes that are taking up MY part of the shelf in the basement.  So I moved them upstairs.  Eventually, there'll be another 5 bins ready to go down south :)

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Nothing much day

After packing up and shipping off the wife to her mom's, I spent almost the entire day playing video games on the computer.

Do I feel guilty?  Nope, not at all :)

Friday, February 17, 2012

Quiet Day

Relatively speaking. Work wasn't too bad - only one meeting that actually sort of accomplished something.

The real work was when I got home.  Spent quite a bit of time packing the wife's car for her trip.  She's taking 5 bins of clothes to give to the family or to give away.  Kind of an annual tradition, I guess.  It does help keep the closets a little empty at least.  Just a little.

Didn't watch any tv, but did play on the computer after we got it mostly packed.  A few things to shove in, in the morning, and then she's off, and I'm a bachelor! :)

Thursday, February 16, 2012


All my meetings for today got cancelled.  It was a welcome change, and I actually got some work done!  Work I wanted to do, and work that was fun to do.  That was a good day.

Came home to home-made country-fried steak, home-made gravy, real mashed potatoes...needless to say, was a little full tonight!  Watched monday's Hawaii 5-0, played on the computer, bought a karaoke cd for the wife on ebay, and called it a night.

Tomorrow is Friday. And payday. Two great things that go great together :)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Meeting'd out

I'm officially meeting'd out.  I spend more of my work day in meetings than I do working it seems.  I'm so over them :)

Watched two seasons of The Guild tonight - they were short seasons though. If you're a gamer, or know a gamer, I highly recommend you watch these.  They're on the web (though I bought the dvd making it a bit more convenient to watch on the bigger screen), and they are on the mark and very very funny.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day

Didn't do much to mark the day. Got a couple of Pandora charms for the wife's bracelet, so that was her gift.  Spent the day at work trying to be useful.

Ordered pizza for dinner.  Haven't done that for a while, so we made it a treat.  Caught completely up on Person of Interest, and watched another cooking show.  Our Tivo is 40% full, so hopefully it won't fill completely while she's gone for the next couple of weeks!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Fast Forward

Best way to watch the big game :)  Took about an hour and a half to watch all 4 hours.  Of course, all we watched were the commercials and the halftime show with Madonna, which makes the rest of the time just fly by!

We got some snow tonight, but it should all be gone by tomorrow or Wed at the latest.  Along with the snow came a cold.  I knew I was getting sick, darn it.  Everyone at work was telling me to go home, 'cause they didn't want to get sick.  Wife is telling me not to get sick before she goes to her mom's this weekend.  I guess I should just lock myself in my room till I get over this!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

In 3D!

Went to see Star Wars 1 today. That was about the highlight of the day.  Dozed on and off in my chair this morning, played a little bit on the computer after we got home from the movie.  I sincerely hope I'm not getting sick.

Not sure if I'm trying to sleep off an illness or if it's just the pain meds, but spending all day in a haze isn't the most fun way to spend your day off.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

That was a bust

Went to a comic book 'faire/show/etc' at a (s)mall over by work today.  That was kind of a bust.  Not a lot of selection, not a lot of vendors.  Then, the cold decided to make my knee not work right, so I had to break out the painkillers and the cane.  We went to MoA and I picked up some new DVDs and a couple new books.  We had lunch in the food court, but neither one of our lunches was all that spectactular.

We got home, planted ourselves on the couch, and spent the next 8 hours in front of the tv.  caught up on csi's, finder, person of interest (ok, just this week's left to watch there), a couple of cooking shows, watched a bit of the news about Whitney Houston, and then called it a night.  We made plans to see Star Wars tomorrow.  I hope we follow through!

Friday, February 10, 2012


Spent part of the day catching up from being out, and the rest of the day doing someone else's work.  Did manage to sell the wife's old work cell phone, so we can buy her a new useful one.  Her work one was with Verizon and we have Sprint, and the two don't work together.

Watched Hawaii 5-0 and played my game a little bit.  Not a terribly exciting evening :)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sleep Deprivation

Got very little sleep last night, so I chose not to go to work today, and rested.  I spent most of the day in a foggy haze, although we did make it to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription.  That was about the extent of my day.

Tomorrow is Friday, and I'll be playing catch up from whatever I missed out on today.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sunny and Cold with a chance of frustration

I need a vacation.  Yes, I just got back from one at the end of the year, but work is getting more and more frustrating.  I didn't get much done at all today.  I got somethings done, but not enough to feel like I actually accomplished anything.  Hate that feeling.

We watched a few tv shows tonight, had sandwiches and leftover pasta for dinner, and before we knew it, it was 1030.  I must be getting old, if 10:30 is 'late'.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Would you look at that!

It's Tuesday again.  My how time drags when you're not having fun.  Spent an hour and a half today in a meeting for a project I think is a waste of time.  Instead of looking for a product that meets our needs, we're going to use a product we already have, and change all of our processes and procedures to revolve around it.  The less said about that, the better.  I'll just get all riled up again, and you wouldn't like me when I'm...riled.

Didn't do much after work. Sandwiches for dinner, and I caught up on Triple D and Good Eats.  Played my game for a while, paid a few bills.. you know, normal mundane, muggle-type stuff :)

Monday, February 6, 2012

Orbital Mechanics

Coming home from work today, I saw the full moon, and it got me wondering how the moon rotates so that it only shows one face to the earth.  My mind just can't grasp the rules behind the orbits that cause this.  I wonder if there's a visual aid that would help me!

Another long day of meeting, talking, and not accomplishing a whole heck of a lot.  I caught up my food blog from the weekend, at least.  We didn't go to the movies this weekend, and so I'm really, really hoping we can go this weekend.  We don't have any errands that I know of, so maybe we can go catch the movies I want to see - Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy and Star Wars 1 in 3D.  Seeing Star Wars will help me decide if I want to bother spending the extra money to see all the others when they come out, or if the 3D effect is just not worth it.  Some movies it works, some it doesn't.

We'll see (pun intended).

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Sunday

Didn't watch the game.  We went to 5 guys for lunch (I'll blog that one too), I went and got a haircut, we stopped by walmart for some stuff, and came home.  Just kind of bummed around all day - surfed the web, played my game on the computer...just lazy stuff :)

We'll probably watch the commercials tomorrow, and the halftime show.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Running around

Did a lot of that today.  Comic book store (nothing new this week for me), Barnes and Noble (got Sliders season 5 finally), scifi book store clear across town (wife picked up some books for a new series), supper at a restaurant that was on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives (I'm going to put that up on my other blog tomorrow), Trader Joe's looking for a certain type of coffee (they didn't have it), got the car washed.... lots of running around!

Tomorrow, we have some more running around to do, but should just be on this side of town, instead of all over the twin cities :)

Friday, February 3, 2012


Just not here.  Have fun out there in Colorado, Nebraska, and Iowa.  We're still in the upper 30's, close to 40 with no snow in sight.

Today was the usual - work, meetings, talk talk talk.  Came home, went to Culver's for dinner, watched a special on the Travel Channel about State Fair Competitions, watched the end of Young Frankenstein, and called it a day.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

All Tuckered Out

Was a long day at work, and my knee caused some serious pain.  When I got home, I took a pain killer, found out that the wife's new insurance hasn't taken effect, and who knows when it will.  Should have had a beer instead.  :(

Watched a couple episodes of Person of Interest (almost caught up!), read some news, listened to my new CD, and just kinda vegged.

Tomorrow is Friday.  Can't wait.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Mother Nature

It was foggy all day today.  Fog is probably my most favorite type of weather.  Reminds me of some of the happiest times of my life.  We don't get much fog up here in MN, so I enjoyed it while I could.  Several people said today was 'dreary', but it wasn't for me.

While at my desk today, I saw a cardinal on the the tree outside.  I sat and watched him for a few minutes.  The bright red was a definite contrast to the green of the pine tree and the grey of the fog (and the grey of the cubicle walls).  I wish I had a good camera - that would have been a great shot.

I get to start my day with a 2 hour meeting tomorrow.  That should be fun. Since the meeting starts when my shift starts, that means I have to go in early, to get logged in and so on.  Love those kinds of meetings....